'What would I liked to have known when I started photography? This book - Times Present - was written to answer that question.' Harminder Singh

Harminder is an Arts Council supported photographer and has written a book to help new and experienced photographers reflect on their work and improve their photographic practice.

Times Present is illustrated with the photographs of Trevor Crone which are a prime example of the art of photography. Modern in his approach to landscape, the images communicate directly to the emotions.

The key barrier to your development as a photographer is knowing how to progress beyound what we know and finding help and support in developing your personal stle. A turning point in the photobook, Times Present, goes beyound the technical to look at the techniques which enhance creative approaches.

Showcased in the March edition of Black & White Photography magazine this new book is a spring board for everyone who is seeking to produce creative images.

''if you have ideas, you have the potential to be an artist.'

Preview the contents of the book 'Times Present'






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